Carolinas IT Transition

Around a quarter of a century ago, I was given a vision of a company that was to be created. It was to be a different kind of company in many ways from others that existed at the time. From a focus on employee quality of life, to a foundation of integrity in all things, to an unparalleled level of technical expertise. We would flip the equation, put our team members first, provide them the leadership and structure to enable them to take care of our clients, and trust them to provide an exceptional experience for our clients. We would grow with a focus on stability and commitment to the team, understanding the importance of success to the families each team member represented.

I was blessed with a wife of strong faith, who kept us going with her teacher's salary when I only had enough money to pay employees, and who prayed fervently for our team to successfully come through the storms. She not only put up with my Marine Deployments around the world, but kept "home operations" running while I spent all-nighters at client sites, Saturdays doing business planning, and weeks traveling.  I also had a strong group of friends who advised and supported me along the way. I'd like to thank all of you for your support over the years as Carolinas IT has grown. Together, we've made it through tough times, regrouped after our setbacks, and celebrated our victories. Our business started as a family, and continued through the years with a mission, vision, and values that reflected our beliefs and faith.

Our CIT family has steadily grown and moved forward as team members joined and thrived. We've seen our children grow from birth to college and beyond (and join our team in several cases), and friends move on to new challenges. Throughout it all, I've had the honor of guiding this ship through the sometimes turbulent waters of technology and business in a hyper competitive environment of growth and disruption.

Just as our children grow to a point where they need experiences and opportunities that parents can't provide at home, businesses sometimes grow to where they need outside resources, structure, and expertise to continue to reach their full potential. Earlier this year I realized that Carolinas IT had reached that point, and it was time for me to evaluate partnering for continued growth, opportunity, and success for the team. I found such a partner in Logically, based in Portland, Maine.

I first became acquainted with Logically three years ago, as they were members of a national peer group I have been attending. From the beginning it was clear that their executives shared many of the same values and vision that have been the foundation of our company. As they obtained private equity funding to grow into a nationwide service provider powerhouse, they became the obvious choice as a partner for growth.  In early November, Logically completed an acquisition of Carolinas IT. Since that time, we have been working to integrate our operations, coordinate with our clients, and orient forward to the future.

As excited as I am about the opportunities this partnership will provide, I will not be continuing on the journey in a formal capacity. As I evaluated my role and the incredible capabilities of my senior leaders, as well as the professional and capable leadership of Logically, it was clear to me that it was time to step aside and let others navigate forward. After December 31st of this year, I will no longer be a formal part of the team, although my heart will always be with those who go forward.  It has been my honor to serve this team as a leader, and I continue to be humbled by the professionalism and dedication of the staff ever day as they advance the mission.

Elizabeth and I are excited about what the future holds and look forward to continuing to serve in new capacities as guided by the Holy Spirit. It is with sincere and heartfelt appreciation that I thank you for your support, prayers, and countless kindnesses over the years, both large and small but all very much a part of our success.


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