Windows 10 Clipboard is Great!

Windows 10 has many new features, but one that I find myself using the most often is the expanded clipboard. Where previous versions allowed you to clip pictures and paste into a document, presentation, or email, the new version keeps history of your clips and allows you to choose which clip to paste. Here's how it works:

Be sure to enable the feature first:
Start > Settings > System > Clipboard
Set "Clipboard History" to "On"

Now, you can clip a picture, text, or anything else on your screen to the clipboard by pressing the following key combination, pressing each in order and holding down until you have all three pressed:
Shift - Windows Key - "S"

Your screen will darken, and you'll notice a small cross.  Put that cross on the top left of what you want to clip, and hold down your left mouse button, and drag it to select the region you want to clip. Stop pressing the left mouse button once you've selected what you intent to clip, and the image will go to the clipboard.

Now you have a choice.
You can go into the document or email where you want to paste the clip, and press: Ctrl - "V" (Press the Ctrl key first and hold it, then press the "V" key)
You can press  the Windows key, then "V" in the same manner, and choose which clip from the clipboard you want to paste. When you select the clip it will automatically be pasted into your document, wherever you have placed the cursor.

Bonus info: If you want to save the clip as a graphics file, just paste into Powerpoint, right click on the image, and select "Save As Picture". You can save it as a .jpg, .png, .gif, or other graphics format. This is a quick and easy way to quickly save things for posting on social media.

Have fun!


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