A Shared Legacy of Values - Let's Do Government Better!

I grew up in a Southern Democratic household. My family believed in the party that brought us electricity through the TVA, infrastructure and jobs through the CCC, and national leadership during WWII. When I registered to vote, it was naturally as a Democrat. (I was attacked for this recently by a politician trying to dig up dirt on me. I guess that was all he could find.)
I switched my affiliation soon after college because I was inspired by Ronald Reagan's courage in standing up to the Soviet Union, and his vision and implementation of a revitalized America. I am a proud Republican, and I am dedicated to the Constitution I swore to protect as a Marine.
I believe there are good folks in both parties who earnestly want what's best for our country, and that the extremes don't represent the vast majority of our people. We owe it to those who have gone before, and to those who will come after, to work together to leave our home a better place than we found it.
Our party has a long history of supporting the causes and values that Americans identify with. From the faith in freedom of Abraham Lincoln to the trust busting and environmental protection of Teddy Roosevelt, to the vision and courage of Ronald Reagan that inspired me. Here in North Carolina, Governor Jim Martin showed us just what it meant to lead with vision and accomplish lofty goals. (driven on I40 lately?)
Let's reclaim the noble legacy that we all share: trust, maturity, dedication to country, courage, and ability to work together as Americans. Let's resist the urge to be forced to the extremes by those who seek to use fear as a weapon. Let's change the tone, and let's start right here in NC District 17. Let's do government better! www.Cav4NC.com


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