Potential Dangers of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Why should you be concerned about the potential misuse of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics?
Imagine that someone creates a program to sweep through all social media accounts and make a list of everyone who shared a certain post or video, or liked posts by a certain person.
The list would include not only their name, but their picture, and phone number. This information is then loaded into a database and used to create a target list. AI could also be designed to target certain demographics (skin color, age, gender, etc)
A plane flies over a city and drops out 100,000 small drones, about the size of a hummingbird, but each with a camera, a "phone finder app", and facial recognition technology (like your iphone has).Each drone also includes a single explosive charge designed to detonate once within 1 inch of the target's head, or when the AI determines a door or window needs to be blown open so other drones can fly through. The drones talk to each other, identify the location of targets, and transmit a "mission accomplished" signal a millisecond before eliminating the target.
In a few hours, an entire class of people who believe a certain idea or belong to a certain group could be eliminated.
Farfetched? Not at all. Each component of the technology I described available now. It's just a matter of who gets their hands on it and decides to carry out an attack. These are the types of issues we need to be prepared to deal with in the next decade, and right now we are far behind.


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